Today, I have added a cute flying animated Twitter bird on this blog that follows the users, when they scroll the page up or down. It shows “follow me” and “tweet this” options. You have an option to display your latest tweet, when you hover the mouse on this animated Twitter bird. In this post, I will show you to add this animated flying Twitter bird on your WordPress blog. By adding this Twitter bird, you can attract more followers to your Twitter account; even you can increase the number of tweets of the current post. No doubt, Twitter is a best social media site to drive more traffic to your blog. This blog also has decent traffic from Twitter. Many webmasters or entrepreneur bloggers using tweet buttons on their blog to become Twitter the most referral website. If you don’t have any tweet button on your WordPress blog, I recommend you to add it first on various places, you like the most, of your Website by a digg digg plugin to show tweet button in floating way like Mashable.

a flying animated twitter bird
An Animated Flying Twitter Bird for WordPress Blog.

The original JavaScript is developed by, released under GNU/GPL. If you have any question about this plugin or if you have any difficulty to use this plugin on your blog, you can ask here.

Flying an Animated Twitter Bird on WordPress

  1. Download Animated Twitter bird from ( Install it to your desktop.
  2. Now, upload this plugin to your WordPress, and activate it. [ Method: Install Plugin to WordPress »]
  3. Once you have activated, go to Settings » AnimatedTwtterBird, and configure your Twitter account.setting flying twitter birdType your Twitter account in the desired field, and choose the option to display your latest tweet yes or no. Finally, click on Save Changes.
  4. Now, go to WordPress blog, you will see an animated flying Twitter bird.


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