How To Manage WordPress Files and Folders With FileZilla FTP Client


What is FileZilla?

FileZilla is a FTP client to manage the files and folders of your website or Self Hosted WordPress via your FTP accounts provided by your hosting server, which is a free application. Using FileZilla FTP client you can transfer, move, rename and edit any files and folders of your self hosted WordPress blog from your local machine to your hosting server. FileZilla is a very famous FTP client and use by the webmasters around the World. I am also using FileZilla to manage our files and folders of the blog because of its user friendly interface and easy to understand. If you are using FileZilla for your self hosted WordPress blog, you can install your WordPress plugins, new themes directly by FileZilla, and you don’t need to have any plugin to backup your WordPress blog. You can make a backup of your WordPress blog anytime to your desktop by using FileZilla. Let’s see some features of having FileZilla to your system.

How to setup FileZilla ftp client
Manage WordPress files & folders with FileZilla

FileZilla Features

  • Create a connection between your local system and FTP sites (If enable FTP account associated with any websites of you).
  • automatic logon to frequently used FTP sites.
  • Display and browse the files and folders on both the local system and FTP site.
  • Rename, Edit, Move and overwrite functionality to your FTP sites files and folders from FileZilla.
  • Create a backup copy to your desktop of your website files and folders.
  • adding and editing of your .htaccess file and robots.txt.
  • You can resume interrupted file transfer.

These are the main features of FileZilla. There are so many features but we have listed here the most likely features what I like the most. Therefore, here is how to manage WordPress files and folders with FileZilla FTP client.

How To Download & Setup FileZilla FTP Client To Manage Files and Folders

  1. Download FileZilla FTP client for windows. If you are using any other OS then you can choose the appropriate installation and install to your computer.
  2. Once you have installed FileZilla to your computer, Open FileZilla, and click on Open the Site Manager.FileZilla FTP Client for WordPress
  3. Now, as shown in the figure below, click on New Site, and rename it with your site name (as for your understanding). On the right type your Host IP address (check the detail of your host into your hosting service provider), if you are using BlueHost, you can add your primary domain address into Host field. Select Normal in Logon Type. Now, type a username of your FTP account what have you created before in your hosting account. If you do not have any FTP account in your hosting account, click on create a FTP account in hosting provider, and type a password, and finally click on Connect.Setup FileZilla To Manage Files & Foldres Of WordPressOnce you connected, in the left, you will see your local site (as computer) files and folders, and in the right side you will see your remote site (FTP site). Now, do what you want to do. Move files from local to remote site or do its converse. If you want to download any files or folders to your computer, first browse folder from your local site and select the folder in which you want to download the files from remote site.How to manage WordPress form Filezilla FTP client


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