The full form of FTP is File Transfer Protocol, by FTP account you can connect with your website files through any FTP client. You can edit, rename, remove and add files to your website files by your FTP account. You can have multiple FTP accounts for your domain name and set up for other users to get accessed it. Just you have to create a username like, where is your domain URL. Once you have created your FTP account, you can access your website files and folders via any FTP client, such as Filezilla and CyberDuck. If BlueHost is not your hosting service provider, then check for the FTP Account options into your hosting service provider and follow the below step, which may be similar as your hosting service provider. Therefore, here is how to setup / add FTP accounts to BlueHost.

How to add FTP accounts to BlueHost
Create FTP Accounts in BlueHost

Create/SetUp/Add FTP Account To BlueHost

  1. Sign into BlueHost cpanel.
  2. Now, scroll down the page until you see FTP accounts under Files.How to create FTP accounts in BlueHostClick on FTP Accounts.
  3. Now, under Add FTP Account and type your login, directory path (your default directory path is /public_html/, if you would like to access your addon domain only then you can change it to /public_html/addondomain), password and quota information, finally click on Create FTP Account. Once you created, you will see it under FTP Accounts.How to add FTP accounts in BlueHost
    You have to remember your Host, Username and Password for using any FTP client. In the above screenshots, my host name is and Username is

How To Add FTP Account for Addon Domains in BlueHost

If you are using BlueHost as your hosting service provider, you can access every files and folders for your addon domains via your main domain FTP account. Let we use as an addon domain on Bluehost and my main domain is, then I will login to our FTP client with our main domain FTP account. We will see a folder wordpressians under the /public_html/ directory, and I will click on it, that will be the root directory of

If you have created your FTP account via your main domain, and you have some addon domains into your account then you may use your addon domain to get access to files and folders of your websites via FTP clients without creating any additional FTP account to your addon domains. For example,

Our FTP username is in main domain which is my host, and our addon domain is, then I may login to FTP client with,

Host: or

username: or

Now, you have been setup your FTP accounts. It’s time to access your FTP account via FTP client like FileZilla.


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