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Do you want to install WordPress to Bluehost? Alternatively, purchase a self hosted WordPress blog? Introducing Bluehost, Bluehost is one of the best hosting service providers, and if you want to have a self hosted WordPress blog, then you do not need to be confuse about installing WordPress blog because Bluehost uses Simple Script, which is a one-click installer for WordPress blogs. Just you need to click two to three times, and self hosted WordPress blog ready to use. This WordPress blog is also hosted on bluehost and do not find any negative things until to date. I am very much familiar with bluehost, and we will tell you the step-by-step guide with the latest and upgraded cPanel screen shots to install your first self hosted WordPress blog to bluehost. The interesting thing is that, you are reading a live article because I am also hosting this WordPress blog to bluehost and writing this post on my different WordPress blog as a draft and I will publish it to the main blog on which you are reading this time so the screen shots are live to hosting WordPress blog. Therefore, here is how to install wordpress blog to bluehost or buy self hosted wordpress.
How to buy self hosted WordPress blog

Why Choose Bluehost To Install WordPress Blog

  • You will get a domain name free of cost.
  • You can host unlimited domain name into Bluehost account as add-on domain with primary domain.
  • Unlimited bandwidth & storage.
  • You can make unlimited sub-domains.
  • You will get unlimited E-mail accounts.
  • You can create unlimited Parked domain.
  • You will have unlimited FTP accounts.
  • Unlimited SQL databases.
  • Unlimited mailing lists.
  • Get all the above features with $6.95 per/month, but if you use the below link to purchase hosting you will get all these features with only $5.95 per/month.

Why Choose Our Affiliate Link To Purchase Hosting In Bluehost

In a very short description, if you buy a hosting package from Bluehost with using our affiliate link, you will get $1 per month discount, while you may get more discount with using others affiliate link(due to old account holder), then why choose to our affiliate link? We offer you to give the extra advantages worth more price than what will you save by using others affiliate link. Check out the following advantages, if you buy self hosted wordpress blog by using our affiliate link.

  1. Discount of $1 per month as usual.
  2. One free domain name as usual.
  3. I will give you a Studiopress Genesis Framework License, which would be upgradeable, and which is used by mostly professional bloggers around the world [Cost: $59.95, but for you free of cost]. Don’t know what is Genesis Framework and Child theme, take a review on Genesis Framework.
  4. A free child theme of Genesis with your own choice. [Cost: $24.95, but for you free of cost]
  5. One-hour private class regarding SEO by chat service with you. We will discuss about how to write SEO friendly content and optimization on page and off page, how to build proper backlinks, most beneficial plugins regarding SEO and try to clear all doubt what have you in your mind.
  6. Once you purchased hosting by using our link. Send me a message through Contact us page with your primary domain and username in Bluehost. Tell me the first and second preferred Genesis child theme name you want to use. You may browse the official site. We will respond you ASAP, and send you the Genesis framework and a child theme.

Our main aim is to,

Making your wordpress blog as a professional from the beginning of your blogging career.

To Install WordPress Blog By Bluehost | To Buy Self Hosted WordPress Blog

  1. Go to this link to buy self hosted WordPress blog (Please use this link, if you want to give me some bucks as a commission and get relaxation of $1 per month, one domain name free of cost, a license of Genesis Framework and a child theme ).
  2. Log into Bluehost, and look on cPanel tab, and click on WordPress under SimpleScripts Installations as shown in the figure below, it will open into the new window,How To Install WordPress To Bluehost
  3. Now click on Install button.Installing WordPress To Bluehost
  4. As shown in the figure below,How To Buy Sel Hosted WordPress Blog*Do not confuse with server path. Our server path is […/public_html/wordpressians]. if you are hosted first WordPress blog, then your server path should be […/public_html/].
    • In Step 1, choose the version of your WordPress [Obviously, choose the latest version, when I was purchasing the latest version was 3.3.1(stable)], and select the domain URL with or without www for installation of WordPress blog. I am installing this blog with www. If you wish to install your wordpress blog to another directory, then type the directory path after slash, for example, if you type blog, then your WordPress blog will install under, which will be the home page URL. I am installing WordPress into the main root directory of domain, for example,
    • Step 2, skip the advanced Options.
    • Step 3, if you wish to use these plugins and free themes to your WordPress blog then check the boxes otherwise unchecked it. I do not wish to have these plugins and themes to my wordpress blog so I unckecked the boxes.
    • Step 4, you have to checked the box for legal information.
    • Finally, click on Complete button.
  5. In the next screen, check out the precess of your wordpress installation, and when completed you will get the login URL, username and password of your self hosted WordPress blog on the same page as mention below.Login information of WordPress Blog
  6. Open the Login URL link into the new window and type your generated Username and Password.
  7. You have successfully hosted your wordpress blog to bluehost, we recommend you to change the generated password with your own, inside wordpress dashboard.
  8. Skip this step, if you have installed wordpress. If you are still confuse to installation wordpress blog to bluehost, then check out a live video, which may help you.

What will be the next? Do you have Genesis Framework and a Child Theme to your desktop, and want to install into your WordPress blog? The next post is about to install Genesis child theme with Framework to WordPress.


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