Do you want to compress or optimize your images size before uploading it into your WordPress posts? If yes, this post is specially for you to reduce your bandwidth and unwanted loading time due to the no. of images containing in the post. In addition, the compressed images can also help you to improve your SEO rankings. The minimum loading time your WebPages have the better ranking you will get.

compress image size without losing quality
Image Compressor for WordPress

Having high quality images (as images size: +1 MB) into your webpages give the bad user experience. If you are using three or four such type of images in a webpage, it will load more slower. Keep in mind, everyone doesn’t surf the internet with more than 2MBps. There are a lot of users who surf the internet over GPRS (2G) or a limited data plans. You can’t ignore them. You should make your post for everyone (i.e., for 2G, 3G, 4G users).

There are many image compressors that reduce the size of your high quality images without losing quality. We have also used many image optimizers for doing the same including some of WordPress plugins but no one suits our requirement, and after searching and searching again we have found a best image optimizer that can compress the size of image from 800 KB to 50 or 60 KB easily without losing quality.

Basically this is a desktop client software, if you installed them it will placed into the context menu so whenever you right click on the image you will see “Optimize Here” or “Optimize Image As…” option in the context menu as shown below, and easily you can compress your images with one click integration.Compressor option of image

Image Optimizer for your WordPress posts without Quality Loss

  1. Go to this link, and fill your information (it is required field), and click on Download (Choose Free Version). In free version you can get mostly all the features that paid version has, but the difference is that if you compress high resolution image it will compress the image with a watermark. If you are a blogger, you don’t need to post high resolution photo into your post due to the fixed content container width.
  2. Once installed the image compressor, right click on the image, you would see two options as shown in above figure. I would prefer you to select “Optimize Image As…” as it gives you more advance features like the below preview.Image CompressorYou may select the quality among smallest file, small file, medium, high quality or very high quality. I would prefer to use medium quality. You may set the maximum height and width as your post container size. Now, finally click on Optimize button.
  3. Your image is ready to use.


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