If you are a beginner on WordPress, and want to show your Adsense ads on your WordPress sidebars, this simple guide will let you know to add your Google Adsense ads on WordPress sidebars without using any plugin. Some of our friends, who are just starting blogging with WordPress, contact us for migrate their Adsense ads with WordPress’s sidebars. I know this is very simple, but if you don’t know how to do the task, then it could be difficult as you are a beginner. Is it beneficial to add Adsense ads on the sidebars? Yes, it can generate some decent revenue to you. Make sure you have optimized this ad block with your sidebar. Here is a quick guide to optimize the Adsense ads on WordPress’s sidebar. You may manually add the Google Adsense ads anywhere in WordPress content.

how to add adsense ads in sidebar
Google Adsense Ads in WordPress’s Sidebar

How to Optimize Adsense Ads on WordPress’s Sidebars

  • Make your ad block’s background color same as the background of your WordPress’s sidebar.
  • Make your ad block’s title color same as the clickable link on your sidebar.
  • Make your ad block’s URL color that suits your theme. By default, it is green. I would recommend you to make it default.
  • Make your ad block’s description text color lighter than its background. Make sure to see it clearly.
  • Optional: You may use/unused the border. If you use, make sure the border color suits your theme.
  • Placement: Displaying your ads in above the fold area implies more impressions that imply more revenue. Keep in mind, this world has been changed with Google Panda & Penguin. Therefore, I recommend you, if you are using any ad block in your header or below to the post title, place the sidebar’s ad block in below to fold area.

Follow the above rules, and track the statistics inside your Adsense report to decide the best placement & color themes. You can read more articles related to WordPress tips and tricks.

How to Add Adsense Ads on WordPress Sidebars

  1. Go to your Adsense account, and copy your Adsense ad code.
  2. Login into your WordPress Dashboard » Appearance » Widgets, and drag & drop a Text widget to your sidebar. You may be labelled your ads with “Advertisements” or “Sponsored Links” only in the title field of the widget. Finally, paste your Adsense code in the body of this widget, and Save it.add ad code in wordpress sidebar
  3. Visit your blog to see the ads.


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