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About Easible.org

Easbile.org, launched on November, 2016. The main purpose of Easbile.org is to make the better WordPress blog for newbies and experienced bloggers. Through the Easbile.org blog, you will know more about latest WordPress plugins, such as SEO, Social Media plugins and how to drive traffic to your WordPress blog. Easbile.org blog is specially dedicated to the newbies who don’t have any idea that how to start blogging with WordPress and how to choose web hosting and WordPress installation. Therefore, we have added latest screen shots and live videos to the articles for better user interface. Let’s in an easy speak, what is the definition of Easbile.org,

About Easbile.org’s Founder | Mohammad Shadab

Mohammad Shadab - WordPressians.com
Mohammad Shadab

Mohammad Shadab belongs to Kanpur in India, and holds a post graduation degree in Applied Mathematics from IIT. He never applied for getting the job after completed his degree even not attended any interviews because he wants to become a next professional blogger from India. His area of expertise is CSS, HTML, SEO as On-Page and Off-Page optimization, play with Blogger templates and learning PHP. You can follow him on twitter @shadabiitr, on Google+ +Mohammad Shadab.
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Some Words from Mohammad Shadab




Hey God, please don’t make me a successful person right now. It is certain I will be but before, I need more experience.

-Mohammad Shadab

If you don’t have money to develop a business, do start a business to earning the money.

-Mohammad Shadab